The 'Affiliate Link' system   

The ‘Affiliate Link' system is a simple way of connecting certain Production members of the UCL Film & TV Society with certain other members who are developing the early stages of their projects and are looking for crew.

For 'crew'

If you hold a Production membership and are looking to get involved in some independent projects affiliated with the society, you’ve come to the right place. Use the form below to fill in your details about what roles you would be interested in, and wait for an email about newly posted projects. Each time a new project is submitted that is looking for a crew role that you’ve registered your interest in, you’ll receive an email detailing lots of useful information about the project, as well as the contact details of the people in charge if you’d like to put yourself forward for that role. If you’d like to change the roles you registered interest in, please email with the subject ‘AFFILIATE LINK PROFILE CHANGE’.

For 'developers'

If you hold a Production membership and have a script you want to get made, or are planning to work with someone who does, then you’ve also come to the right place. Follow this link to submit your project to our database, selecting all of the roles which you think you might need to fill your crew. We require that all projects submitted have at least (1) a complete script, (2) a full treatment, including a logline and synopsis, (3) inclusion of any previous work, or any inspirations for this particular project to give each crew member context. Any additional details are welcomed. Submissions will be checked before they are forwarded onto crew in case they do not meet these requirements, or contain any offensive or inappropriate material.