At FilmSoc, we’re very lucky to have access to a wide array of professional cinema equipment, as well a two floor studio on campus at our disposal  . For no extra cost as a production member, if you’d like to make a booking to borrow any of this equipment or make a room booking, here’s how to go about doing so.

1. Have a look at what we have on offer via our online store.

2. Message one of our Studio, Equipment and IT Managers (SEIMs). You can find their details here. When messaging a SEIM about equipment, please include your name, the main pieces of equipment you intend to borrow, and your experience with this equipment. For room bookings, we just need your name, and a few details about the project you’re working on. Here’s an example:

3. One of our SEIMs will get back to you with a permission code if your booking details are appropriate. With this code, you’ll now be able to submit a booking request via our online store.

4. Once you’ve submitted your booking request, a SEIM will confirm your order within 3 days. Without a confirmation from us, please be aware that your equipment borrowing is not confirmed and may be subject to change.

5. Once you’ve received confirmation, you must read our rules. You’ll be asked to sign a copy when you pick up your equipment. Further necessary instructions are included in this document.

That's it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email one of our SEIMs here.