Elections for the 2023/24 Committee

Information and committee role descriptions

From the 20th of February to the 17th of March, you will have the opportunity to nominate yourself for a committee position and vote for the 2023-24 FilmSoc committee.

Key Dates

  • Nominations: 20/02   - 06/03 

  • Voting: 09:00 on 13/03 - 23:59 on 17/03

You can nominate yourself or vote by clicking here.


Now that the 2022/23 FilmSoc committee elections have started, we want to invite you to this Friday's Hustings event. There, each candidate will be able to explain their ideas and answer questions from you, the members!

The event will start on Wednesday the 8th of March at 18:00, at the Medawar Building, Lankester LT G01 - Lecture Theatre 1. In case you cannot make it to the event, it will also be recorded and published on YouTube.

The format will be the following:

  • Each candidate will have 3 minutes to explain their manifesto.

  • There will be 5 minutes for a Q&A per position. The questions are to be general (not directed at any one candidate). These will be submitted through a Google Form that will be shared on Friday morning through our Telegram group chat and elections page.

  • We will have a moderating team controlling the timings of each section.

  • The candidates that are abroad can join remotely through Zoom.


The President coordinates the activities of the different branches of FilmSoc. This means being in constant contact with other committee members about all the projects taking place in our society, which include term films, our publication, studio renovations, equipment repairs, and social activities, making sure that they are progressing effectively, as well as providing feedback and ideas. This role also entails a moderate amount of bureaucratic work, such as the paperwork required by the Students Union, which can be done together with other committee members, such as the Drama Producer or Treasurer. You must also attend weekly meetings with SU officers to promote and showcase the society’s activities, guarantee financial support, collaborate on events (like Varsity), and manage matters related to UCL Estates (room bookings, our studio, Bloomsbury Theatre for FOMI, etc). The President is the person ultimately responsible for much of what happens in the society, and needs to be able to inspire their committee throughout the year. Technical experience can also be helpful in dealing with the host of tech obstacles that may arise during the year, but is not essential.

Being president is an incredibly fun and enriching experience, thanks to which you get to meet great people, both fellow students and industry professionals, give a hand in many varied activities related to filmmaking, learn how to manage a big group, and become slightly more organised in your daily life.


As the Treasurer for the society, you will be responsible for overseeing all financial decisions, including the purchasing of new equipment and the hiring of equipment for society films, where you will negotiate with vendors and rental houses for the best prices. You will also be responsible for filing reimbursement forms for every purchase made by your members that the Society has elected to pay for. In addition, you'll be responsible for working with sponsors of the society, in order to raise more money for term films or UCL's own film festival, FOMI.


As Secretary, you will be responsible for ensuring that committee meetings are effectively organised and documented—this entails scheduling, preparing meeting agendas, and taking meeting minutes. The Secretary is also in charge of drafting the biweekly/monthly Filmsoc Newsletter addressed to all Filmsoc members. For this role, we are looking for someone who is organised, a good communicator, and has a keen eye for detail.

Marketing Officer

As the Marketing Officer, you will be in charge of all social media platforms as well as general communications in the society. Essentially, you will be the eyes and ears of the committee. It is your job to coordinate with the rest of the committee on any upcoming events, and to advertise them accordingly. Though anonymous, you are the first point of contact for the society, and how you want to present UCL Filmsoc to the world is up to your aesthetic discretion.

Archive and Cultures Officer

As the Archive Officer of the society you will have the opportunity to discover past UCL FilmSoc productions, from the beginnings of the society to the current day. You will get to coordinate a team of archivers who will help you look through the archive and sort it out. In addition, the Archive and Cultures Officer will be responsible for running bi-weekly 'Cultures Nights', which include a screening and Q and A session from various different hosts.

Videography & Live-stream Officer

The videography and live-streaming officer is responsible for establishing contact with other societies who need any video-related work done. The videography officer oversees this, from logistical organisation, liaising with the SEM about the equipment needed, and sending out a crew call, for everything from Q&As taking place in political societies, to filming theatre productions for UCL’s various drama and musical related societies.

Live-streaming has become quite important for the society, as it helps fund our films and other projects. This is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with professional broadcast equipment and software. And of course the videography and live-streaming highlight of the year is Varsity, where FilmSoc films the sport matches and live-streams it to the rest of UCL!

Drama Producer

As Drama Producer, you are responsible for overseeing all of the society’s fiction filmmaking productions. The main priority of the job is the term films, which you take the executive producer role on. Even though you will hire a producer for each production, there is still a substantial workload involved in overseeing their work. A lot of the responsibility in this position relates to logistics and time management. The role is what you make of it as far as creative influence is concerned. As well as the term films, you are in charge of selecting and facilitating affiliate projects by members of the society. This role is really enjoyable and gives you the satisfaction of hands-on interaction with several projects from start to finish, but it does demand a lot of time and effort.

Documentary Producer

As documentary producer, there is so much to organise and oversee, but it’s great fun to see a project through from beginning to end and work amongst interesting and dedicated creatives. The role is mainly finding a team of producers, researchers and directors, who will then organise themselves to create an outline of the documentary. Working closely with the producer, the locations, budget and crew are organised so that shoot days can go smoothly. You can also oversee affiliate bids and competitions throughout the year to make sure more people get involved in productions! It is crucial to work in a team, stay in communication and most importantly - be organised!

Workshop Producer(s)

As one of the Workshop Producers you will be in charge of reaching out to members of the film industry, either previous UCL alumni or any other professionals, to set up workshops with them that will allow members of the society to deepen their knowledge about topics within the film industry or practical components of filmmaking. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to the learning and development of both yourself and our entire community of emergent filmmakers. Learn about film, while you make connections inside and outside Film Soc.

Social and Screening Producer(s)

For the upcoming academic year, we have decided to combine the role of Screenings and Socials Producer to spread out the responsibilities and to better integrate a social element after each screening. Everyone loves a good discussion after a thought-provoking screening, be it in a lecture theatre or a cinema excursion. Having two Socials and Screenings Producer will allow the two committee members to balance the time commitment it takes to organise, plan and facilitate these events. Choosing to join us as a Social and Screenings Producer will expose you to the many colourful personalities we have in UCL Film & TV Society and allow you to showcase a carefully curated selection of films you wish to share with the society.  

Screening Duties: Screenings take place at least once a week - you will be in charge of choosing which films to screen and where to hold the screenings. You will be asked by other societies to collaborate on screenings together. You could also be asked by the Student Union to hold screenings, e.g. we were asked to hold a Lunar New Year Film Festival outdoors on campus (five consecutive hours of screenings). Screenings tend to be planned a month in advance and are liable to last minute changes and so this part of the role requires flexibility, patience, good time management, and great organisational skills as you should be on top of choosing which films to screen (it is a good idea to have a list in advance!). This role is one of the more fun ones as you get to meet lots of new people at screenings - it is a great way to socialise; you can choose almost whatever film you want! - ensuring variety in genre, language, and form.

Socials Duties: Social events happen sporadically and entail cinema excursions, tours, and mixers where our society members can interact, network and bond over their collective passion for motion pictures. You will play an important role in coordinating and organising these events, and will have the opportunity to work together with other societies in UCL and external organisations. We are looking for open-minded, inclusive individuals who can make anybody and everybody feel welcomed.

Studio, Equipment and IT Manager(s)

The SEIM role involves managing the studio space, the Society’s equipment and its IT infrastructure. The studio space is open to production members of the society and can be used for filming, photography and more. The Society also has a wide range of equipment that production members can borrow for personal use and which is often used by the Society for term films, documentary shoots and workshops. The society also has its own IT infrastructure, including our own server and website.

Your role as an SEIM is to primarily manage the studio space and its equipment. You will receive booking requests for the studio and equipment, which you have to vet and organise. You will also be responsible for equipment purchases and studio upkeep, ensuring that broken items are repaired and that the studio is in a suitable state for use. Being an SEIM makes you familiar with our equipment and you may take on an advisory role within the society; guiding fellow FilmSoc members on which equipment may be best suited for their project.

For this year, we have decided that the role will also include maintaining our IT infrastructure. This would primarily involve server and website maintenance and implementing new features.

Blog & Podcast Editor(s)-in-Chief

As one of the editors-in-chief for the blog, you’ll oversee the day-to-day and long term running of the blog and podcast, connecting with student writers, managing festival coverage, maintaining the website, and of course, editing! It’s a role that requires a good degree of organisation and time management, and the ability to delegate (to sub-editors) and keep others on schedule during busy periods. Ideally, you will have written for the blog before to have some idea of how the editing process functions, and some experience with editing also, to make sure that you’re getting the best out of student writers with various levels of experience in film writing. Moreover, you get the chance to supervise podcast episodes and work with professional audio equipment!

Welfare and Alumni Officer

Welfare Officer is an interpersonal role, responsible for encouraging members to join and interact with the society at every level no matter the background, ability, requirements or beliefs of that individual. The Officer should run and promote activities for postgraduate, mature, differently abled and BAME students. They monitor society events, ensuring students of all types of experience are welcome and promoting a friendly environment.

In 2022 we are promoting the role with additional outreach responsibilities. This is a great opportunity to be in touch with celebrated members of the film industry who have passed through UCL.

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