Term documentaries

So, you’ve discovered the hidden gem of FilmSoc – term documentaries.


Our productions are generally smaller and more spontaneous than term films, but that doesn’t mean skimping on creativity and quality. So, if you find larger-scale productions intimidating and want to familiarise yourself with all our wonderful equipment first, documentaries are for you. Or, if you want to spread the word about a niche topic that nobody would think to think of, documentaries are also for you.

Remember: no experience necessary, just enthusiasm (and a production membership)!

Upcoming opportunities

How it works

Just like term films, we produce three documentaries per year, each being around 10-15 minutes long. Filming usually takes place in the last week of each term.

The production timeline generally goes something like this:

  • Week 1 of term: producer bids open.
  • Week 2: producer selected. Director and/or researcher bids open.
  • Week 4: Director and/or researcher selected. Crew applications (including DoP) open.
  • Week 6: Documentary team assembled.
  • Week 6-8: Socials + equipment training.
  • Last week of term: FILMING 
  • Editing and post-production happen in the next term.

That's it for now! Continue to check this page throughout the year for further updates; DoP and crew appplications will be out soon. If you have any questions, please email the documentary producer Nat here.